Thursday, August 16, 2007

Serangoon Garden Secondary School's NDP!

Tuesday 8 August.......In the morning!
This was one exciting day! It was sooo much of fun!
The march in Serangoon Garden Secondary School was the best i have ever seen!
After the march there was 1 exciting event over the other!
It was a day of non-stop fun and excitement!
Of course the best part of the day was when a dancer from my class performed!

MY IT homework is done!!

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1E3'S most handsome and gd dancer!
keep it up!
This is a picture of the 5 good and close friends in 1E3!
This is one photo that i will always cherish!
I am the girl sitting right behind LYA!
This is a picture taken also on National day!

This was taken when OUR class won the price 4 the Racial Harmony Day quiz and the NE Gallery WalK!
1E3 is great in this kind of activities but not academically!
This is a photo taken by our one and only great form teacher Miss Tan Kuah Li!
It was taken on National Day 9 of August!
It was sooo much of fun!

The Trip To Sembawang Beach

Monday 13 August...After school

After school on monday our class went for a trip to Sembawang beach to do CIP and it is also part of our CME project. We formed groups of 4 and my group members were Dolbie,Norlya and Fauziyah.
I was the leader.
We had so much of fun there! We picked up alot of rubbish and we also took alot of pictures of ourself and the rubbish!
It was a very exciting trip. But now we have a project regarding the marine life due on 31st of August.